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Horsemanship Lessons


Learn to speak your horses language with these unmounted lessons. Spend time observing and interacting with horses to learn about herd dynamics, horse behavior and communication. Horsemanship lessons are open to anyone interested in horses; a desire to ride is not necessary, however many riders find that clear communiction on the ground translates into happy horses under-saddle. 


Horsemanship Lessons with

Jessica Timlin, Equine Specialist


With her B.S. in Equine Science and over 15 years of experience working with horses, Jessica has a passion for sharing her knowledge of horseback riding and horsemanship with others. Her foundations in classical dressage and natural horsemanship give her students a unique opportunity to learn basic horsemanship as well as build a solid foundation of riding skills. Jessica's main focus when working with horses and humans is to teach ways of compassionate communication. 

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