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What to Expect in Sessions:
Sessions are held in either a pasture space, outdoor sand arena or an indoor covered arena. Please dress for comfort in an outdoor setting. Prior to arrival for your first session, please complete both the intake form and release form found on this site. Once a session is scheduled, we require 24hrs notice for all cancellations.

Standing Hope Equine Therapy offers the following services:

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Standing Hope Equine Therapy provides equine assisted therapy and learning under the umbrella of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). Founded in 1999, with over 400 members worldwide, EAGALA is rapidly gaining popularity as many people experience the power and efficacy of its work.


The EAGALA model partners a licensed mental health professional, equine specialist and team of horses to facilitate experiential, solution-focused sessions.

What is the EAGALA Model? 
The Four Tenants of EAGALA:
The Team Approach
Focus on the Ground
Solution Focused
Code of Ethics

Our Services


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